Regina Robinson is a seasoned Journalist and a top-flight Communications Specialist with cross-functional experience across sectors.  She is a philanthropist with an unflinching passion for the less privileged. She is a highly sought-after Editor, Publisher, and an incredibly knowledgeable Columnist. Her extensive insight across broad subject matters has reinforced her reportorial competencies as a gadfly of revolutionary change. Robinson was the Editor of City Pride Magazine and the Gladiators Magazine.

Regina is the publisher of Global Affairs Magazine, a respected and widely circulated publication that chronicles the heartbeat of the globe, spotlighting critical areas of the global economy delivered in a cerebral, informative, and entertaining way for extensive reach. The magazine has continued to grow and expand its network across regional boundaries with relevant and insightful news for increased readership.

She is also the convener of Global Affairs Magazine Awards (GAMA), an initiative of the Global Affairs Magazine that awards and celebrates individuals and bodies whom have over the years supported life-changing causes, made groundbreaking impact, especially in the areas of health, and most prominently the less privileged, physically challenged, and children with special needs as well as the teeming youth population. GAMA is tactically positioned as a vehicle to promote, reward and celebrate human excellence in the care of mankind.

Regina is also the Editor-in-Chief of Global Transport Policy News, the most comprehensive sector-specific policy resource guide that amplifies compelling blueprints designed to position the transport sector as a strategic driver for economic growth. It is a bilingual (English & French) publication that explores all the modes of transport with a global appeal.

She has continued to champion initiatives that drive philanthropy across business, social and corporate lines for a better society and an improved community.