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Multitude Flood SCOAN on Sunday, Ignore BBC’s Documentary

Multitude Flood SCOAN on Sunday, Ignore BBC’s Documentary
  • PublishedJanuary 15, 2024

Multitude of worshippers flooded The Synagogue Church Of All Nations today, Sunday 14th January 2024 amidst BBC documentary. There was an overflow outside into the Church premises as the Church Hall could no longer contain the people.

This obviously goes a long way to tell that members, friends and well-wishers of SCOAN all over the world are not moved my the blasphemous lies making headlines about the late founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua.

While addressing the congregation Pastor Evelyn Joshua said “I want to thank all the members of The SCOAN and friends of the ministry all over the world.” Speaking further she said; “The Jesus Christ we know is the Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Ghost,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua said to the people, citing John 14:16-17.

“Jesus Christ is a Winner of souls. That was what He was born for, lived for and died for,” the woman of God enthused. She further admonished the congregants to let love lead.


Man testifies of how TB Joshua healed him of badly broken arm and leg after 2 decades.

Sometime in the year 2006, Kingsley received prayer in The Arena Of Liberty over the grievous injuries that he suffered in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of every other passenger. “I emptied my account over this incident and stayed in the hospital for more than 1year, yet I was discharged without being able to walk,” the driver testified on Sunday January 14, 2024. According to him, he was unable to help himself, almost giving up on life.


He was persuaded by his sister to bring his case to The SCOAN for prayer. Kingsley eventually came in a car lent to him by his in-law. “The man of God, senior prophet TB Joshua prayed for me and asked me to get on my feet,” he recalled.

Since then, Kingsley has been leaving a life of ease and success. “My three sons are now graduates,” he informed the world. He urged people to believe in God and to attend a living church.

Eucharia testifies of how God used prophet TB Joshua to heal her from leg ulcer 28 years after her healing.

For the glory of God, Eucharia, a grandmother, returned to The SCOAN to testify about her healing from leg ulcer that had resulted from a dog bite in the year 1996. “My leg was about to be amputated then, as there was nothing else the doctors could do for me,” she said on Sunday January 14, 2024. In faith, Eucharia came for prayer and the hideousness of her sores did not prevent Prophet TB Joshua from ministering to her in love. “Within a week, my leg started to heal,” Eucharia recalled, alongside her 36-year-old daughter who was only 11 years old when Eucharia was experiencing severe pain. “Since that day, my leg has stayed healed and I can do everything,” Eukeria demonstrated to the world. Her daughter glorified God’s name for His goodness. Indeed, Jesus Christ remains the Healer!

All who came to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations with different degrees of affliction were all healed to the glory of God.

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