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Africa Celebrates Is The Biggest Gathering Of Africans I Have Ever Been Part Of – Lancelot Imasuen

Africa Celebrates Is The Biggest Gathering Of Africans I Have Ever Been Part Of – Lancelot Imasuen
  • PublishedNovember 8, 2023

Multiple award winning filmmaker, Chief Amb. Dr. Lancelot Imasuen popularly known as ‘De Gvnor’ has said the just concluded ‘Africa Celebrates’ is the biggest gathering of Africans that he has ever been part of. To Imasuen it was an awesome gathering.

“It was an awesome gathering, as for me I was representing the Afro Firm Alliance, Afro Firm Alliance is the convergence of a group of persons that are determined to start using movies to rejuvenate and regenerate Africa, training young Africans to understand the impact of motion picture.

“Several ministers including our immediate past minister of Art Culture Tourism and Information Lai Mohammed was there, embassies ambassadors the American consulates the American representative at the U.N.

“It was an awesome gathering for me it was the biggest gathering of Africans that I have been part of. I was privileged to speak on Nollywood yesterday, Nollywood today, Nollywood tomorrow. The role of the film training institutions is for a greater Nollywood so everybody agreed that Nollywood has done great in showcasing Africa to the world”. Imasuen said.

Global Green Development Group in collaboration with Africa hosted the 5th African Global Economic & Development Summit. With the theme ‘‘Transforming Africa through the Industrialization of its Economies’’, Africa Celebrates presented the enormous opportunities for growth in the areas of investment, partnerships, and joint ventures in all economic and social development sectors in Africa.

The opening ceremony was done in the main hall of African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

The earth-shaking event had the gathering of over 38 African nations with one contingent South Sudan coming with 75 individuals, fashion designers, dancers in the celebration of African art culture film and tech.

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