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  • PublishedMay 8, 2022
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye yesterday said Malaria Fever is deadlier than Covid-19, stressing that statistic shows that those who died of malaria  in 2021are more than those of covid-19.
Addressing his members before delivering his sermon titled: ‘Supernatural Elevation’ at the National Headquarters of the church, Throne of Grace Parish in the Ebute Metta, Lagos, Adeboye said most Nigerians are tired of the virus.
The 80 year-old Pastor Adeboye who recently came back from a missionary tour including a European Convention revealed that he noticed that majority of the people have shunned the use of face masks.
His words: “I just came back from our European Convention and people came from over 40 European nations and thank God it was very successful. But I discovered something there, I discovered that in all the churches where ministered, I am not sure I saw up to two people wearing mask.
“What does that tell you, they have made up their minds, if God has kept us this far, He will keep us.
“I have been telling you since 2020 that God assured me that He heard my cry that only those whose time has come will die. If malaria is killing 200,000 and covid-19 has not be able to kill 2,000, I think malaria is deadlier than covid-19.”
He further encouraged the members of the RCCG not to be frightened by the pandemic because they would not die before their time according to God’s words, warning however that “don’t be afraid does not mean be careless.”
He said Christians in Nigeria still absent from physical worship at churches are acting in defiant disobedience to God:, “The elders have a saying that the dirty woman uses the death of her husband as an excuse for not taking her bath. It’s not the death of her husband it’s the woman. Anyone who is still sitting at home on sunday claiming because of covid-19, the problem is not covid-19 but you.
“You are disobeying direct instruction from God that says you must not abandon the gathering of the brethren”, he said.
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